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Digital resources for student preparation, evaluation, and learning can help you free up staff time and bring innovation to your department.

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Our students come from different organisations around the world including:

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Empower students with solutions that minimise their stress.

Make learning more enjoyable for students with ready-to-use resources

  • By offering your students opportunities to explore various scientific domains and acquire fundamental lab skills with CBEHx, help students to increase their engagement and confidence.
  • Level the playing field for your students with ready-made learning content to increase their accomplishment and decrease their attainment gaps.

99% of students using CBEHx resources reported feeling more prepared

Become unique as a university with cutting-edge digital resources

  • Promote best practices both inside and outside of your university while proudly showcasing innovation in your department.
  • Attract prospective students with innovative digital solutions that provide them the confidence and training they need to enter the university lab.
  • Boost student happiness and raise your university ranking.

Innovation is our currency

We are proud to partner with the leading In2scienceUK. This is a step that drives us towards achieving our mission of empowering people with quality education and knowledge worldwide. 

invest in the future

Achieve measurable outcomes as your investment returns.

Learning beyond classrooms boundaries

With fewer breakages and highly effective labs, save time and money.

Learning is fun and convenient

Enhance your student retention by providing materials that fully assist and motivate students in their theoretical and experimental learning.

Support the growth of students, faculty, and staff

With advanced learning resources offered by CBEHx to students, future-proof your courses for years to come.

Education that inspires

CBEHx for School offers customised learning services to exactly meet the learning needs of an academic university, institute, or school. Keep growing with CBEHx!