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The CPD accredited courses are carefully crafted to help you gain in-depth knowledge on a topic of your interest.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

This intermediate-level course provides a thorough overview of the field of next-generation sequencing, from its properties and strength and its major applications, to an overview of a typical sequencing workflow.

Molecular Microbiology

Molecular microbiology is a very progressive field of science, there is an enormous demand to understand the omnipresent microbes influencing our everyday life on sub-cellular level, which will be subject of this course.

Immunogenomics: Understanding the Immune Response to Disease

This is an advanced-level course that explores the molecular and genetic basis of cancer, its evolution and immunology.

Cancer Biology: Exploring the Molecular and Genetic Aspects

This is an intermediate-level course that explores the molecular and genetic basis of cancer, its evolution, and cancer immunology.


Neuroscience is one of the most advanced and fastest growing sciences. The beginning of the 21st century has seen huge developments in techniques to study and understand how the brain works.

CRISPR: Revolutionising Genome Editing

This advanced-level course is designed to develop an understanding of complex concepts related to genomics, particularly CRISPR/Cas technology and its applications...

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We stay updated with scientific advancements with the passion to share knowledge with others.

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