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Our students come from different organisations around the world including:

Enhance outcomes, save time, and increase employee retention

With digital learning resources offered by CBEHx, improve your practical labs and lab experiences, share best practices, and boost staff engagement.

13% of pharmaceutical and biotech companies do baseline testing for new employees.

Professional onboarding and certification improve productivity by more than 56%.

75% of pharmaceutical & biotech companies rely on WebEx, Teams, or Zoom to deliver training.

Professionals joining the workforce expect visual, intuitive, rich content training materials.

9 out of 10  global pharmaceutical and biotech companies struggle to hire For highly- skilled roles.

Innovation is our currency

We are proud to partner with the leading In2scienceUK. This is a step that drives us towards achieving our mission of empowering people with quality education and knowledge worldwide. 

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save time

With fewer breakages and highly effective labs.

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CBEHx also offers customised learning services tailored to suit the needs of your company and budget. Keep growing with CBEHx!