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Molecular Microbiology

Molecular microbiology is a very progressive field of science, and there is an enormous demand to understand the omnipresent microbes influencing our everyday life on a sub-cellular level, which will be the subject of this course.


Starts 13th July 2024

About This Course

The molecular microbiology program will guide you through the exciting world of microorganisms with the main focus on the sub-cellular aspect of microbial life. First, you will be briefly introduced to the discipline of microbiology in general, followed by a detailed focus on biomacromolecules including DNA, RNA, proteins, and their interaction within microbial organisms, gene expression, and its regulation. The second half of the course will introduce you to the widely used molecular genetic techniques taking into account real case studies, and possibilities in a molecular microbiology career.

Who Is This Course For

This Molecular Microbiology course is primarily intended to be taken up by enthusiastic research professionals, microbiologists, graduate, and post-graduate students of biosciences, academicians, and technicians who intend to stay up-to-date with progress in molecular sciences concerning microbes. Appropriate background and knowledge of general microbiology, molecular biology, and biochemistry are fundamental for understanding the issues covered in this program.

What you'll learn

  • Learn the principles of microbial life on a sub-cellular level
  • Learn how changes in the genome and genomic analyses generally can be useful in real world
  • Get familiar with a number of molecular-genetic techniques used in diagnostics and epidemiology
  • Recognise the usefulness, practical application, and promising career in molecular microbiology

Course Content

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Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Lucie Vondrakova

Ph.D. in Microbiology, University of Chemistry and Technology, Czech Republic. During and after her Ph.D., she participated in projects on microbial interactions with nanofibers, biofilm formation, and quorum sensing. Her major research concerned human pathogens Campylobacter spp. She developed protocols of molecular-genetic techniques for their identification, quantification, phenotype and genotype characterisation. She focused on determining the limits of such methods including the issue of eliminating signals coming from dead cells, and how the mode of death influences results. She has strong expertise in microbiology, molecular genetics, and following the internship in Vienna also strong interest in bioinformatics, and microbiomes.

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