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Lab Simulations

Transformative learning technology for STEM education

Improve your skills

Interactive lab simulations that help you get the most from your laboratory practicals, developing key lab skills and giving your students the capability and confidence that they need. Repeat the number of times you need to become more comfortable with different lab techniques.

Concepts explained in video

All lab simulations are introduced with a video that explained the scientific concept behind the lab technique and the purpose of the method.

Interactive Lab Simulations

Cutting-edge technology to provide high-quality, disruptive,
interactive, and engaging lab simulations. All of this is available in all your devices.

Live Animations

All lab simulations are supported with auxiliary animations to enrich the overall product with more information about what is happening in each step. Integrative knowledge to enhance your understanding of lab techniques and related scientific concepts.

Intuitive Design

Our development team, designers, and scientists worked together to produce highly accurate, user-friendly, and  engaging lab simulations.

Test your knowledge

All lab simulations include an assessment with few questions about the experiment and associate scientific concepts. Test and consolidate your knowledge in each lab simulation.