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Computational Biology

This course provides an introduction to computational biology and allows its followers to understand and analyse large biological datasets.

Fundamentals of Computer Science

The programme is going to equip you with the fundamental knowledge of Computer Science and programming.

Data Science 3: Deep Learning

In this course we continue our journey deeper into machine learning, with a look at popular deep learning techniques.

Data Science 1: Data Wrangling and Python

This introductory-level course provides a solid foundation with which to build and apply data science skills via the python programming language.


This online course introduces the principles of bioinformatics and describes how it can be further utilized to answer biological questions.

Artificial Intelligence

This intermediate-level course introduces the principles of deep learning and artificial intelligence and addresses their main applications.

Data Science 2: Machine Learning

In this course we continue our journey in the word of data science, moving from the data wrangling and explanation on Python seen in the previous course toward an overview on the most popular machine learning models in the industry.