CBEHx Receives Recognition from the Good Business Charter

We are thrilled to share the news that CBEHx is accredited by the Good Business Charter. This has elevated the ambition of CBEHx to raise the bar of its existing high standards of business practices.

The CBEHx platform is a pioneering business that offers online education in various scientific disciplines to students, scientists, academicians, industry professionals, organisations, and others across the globe. CBEHx aims to impart quality education to people irrespective of their location and economic background and remove gender inequality in the field of science education and technology. Thus, in addition to the employees, CBHEx is committed to its customers. 

The Good Business Charter recognises responsible business practices of an organisation. It includes recognition of efforts, encouraging employees to raise their performance standards, and also educates potential employees, investors, consumers, and others about the business behaviour of the organisation so that they can make an informed decision. Therefore, recognition by the Good Business Charter is something that every business covets.

The Good Business Charter has recognised CBEHx for its responsible business behaviour such as providing a real living wage to the employees, ensuring employee well-being, fairer business hours and contracts, employee representation, commitment to customers, payment of full tax, ethical sourcing, prompt payment, diversity and inclusion, and shouldering environmental responsibility. Despite the pandemic and inevitable lockdown, CBEHx has managed to stay right on its track of fair business policies and high business standards.

Conducting fair business practices is an integral part of CBEHx’s business operations and the moral values that it upholds. By doing so, CBEHx aspires to create not only a healthy working environment within its organisation but also create a healthy and sustainable learning ecosystem. Thus, any recognition of the values and efforts of CBEHx such as the GBC accreditation will only drive the company to achieve its dream following its principles of fair business practices.