Career Prospects for Computer Scientists

Computer Scientist undergraduates have usually developed subject-specific skills including programming languages, network engineering and software tools and packages. As such, developing computer-based systems and innovative solutions to problems are valued skills. After a Bachelor of Science, you may decide to pursue a Master (MSc) or Doctorate (PhD) for specialisation purposes. 

However, computer science graduates are highly sought after, and some career options include:

  • Data Analyst: do you have strong critical and synthetic analysis skills? Do you have solid numeracy skills and a thirst for problem solving? Data analysts need to understand data as well as communicate the results across different sectors including finance, government and pharmaceuticals. 
  • Forensic computer analyst: a fan of Sherlock Holmes and crime-based films? You want to work for the police of law enforcement agencies? Use your scientific skills to shed light on cybercrimes: hacking, scams, espionage, illegal pornography or data breaches. Some of your tasks may include recovering damaged or encrypted files, examining mobile phone data or securing devices.
  • Game designer: do you have an overflowing imagination, are a team player and have a passion for video games? Use all these skills to draft, test and develop a games accessible via different platforms (console, laptop, phone). Expect to work with game developers, programmers and artists to forge a fun experience both for yourself and your users.
  • IT consultant: are you a ‘people person’ and a great communicator? Become an IT consultant to advise clients on how they can use information technology to their advantage to better reach all their business objectives or solve any issues they may be facing. Your technical expertise will be highly valued and do expect to be involved in sales or maintaining close contact with your clients. 

Featured Courses

The CPD accredited courses are carefully crafted to help you gain in-depth knowledge on a topic of your interest.

  • Telecommunications researcher: are you fascinated by developing new technologies such as satellites, smartphones or internet? Join the telecommunication sector to conduct research in areas including wireless technologies, fibre optics and computer chips. Such researchers usually conduct fieldwork, lab experiments, data analysis and interpretation. Expect to also write up scientific papers, present results in teams and attend seminars. 
  • UX designer: User experience designers are responsible for making the user’s website browsing or software usage as comfortable as possible, both ethically and functionality. You will design online products and services for target groups and ensure that their market means are met. You will collaboratively work with business analyst, engineers and project managers.