CBEHx Announces Partnership with In2scienceUK

CBEHx, a pioneering scientific education platform will provide educational content and support to the In2science careers platform and empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to build their careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM). CBEHx is thrilled to announce its partnership with In2scienceUK, a milestone in achieving the goal of providing quality education and […]

CBEHx selected for Newchip’s Global Accelerator Program

CBEHx is thrilled to announce that it has been selected for the Newchip’s Global Accelerator Program, one of the largest accelerator programs across the globe. This will support us with our fundraising process and securing investment, thereby guiding us to step forward to achieving our mission. Through the equity-free accelerator program, Newchip empowers entrepreneurs and […]

CBEHx Receives Recognition from the Good Business Charter

We are thrilled to share the news that CBEHx is accredited by the Good Business Charter. This has elevated the ambition of CBEHx to raise the bar of its existing high standards of business practices. The CBEHx platform is a pioneering business that offers online education in various scientific disciplines to students, scientists, academicians, industry […]

CBEHx partners with ScienceNews

We are proud to inform you that CBEHx has partnered with ScienceNews to help you stay updated on the current news in all scientific disciplines. ScienceNews aims to drive scientific literacy, STEM education, and scientific research among people around the world. ScienceNews and CBEHx share a unified vision of empowering and enlightening people with knowledge […]

Understanding Python and Some Tips To Get Started

Python is a general-purpose coding language “set of instructions” and can be used for programming, software/web development, mathematical computations. It is a beginner-friendly language as it uses English keywords in its coding syntax and is open-source (free to use and easy to modify). It is increasingly taught in schools and undergraduate programs as it is […]

Understanding Computational Biology: What and How It Differs From Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics allows the study and scrunching of large biological datasets using statistics, which is fundamental to interpreting the scientific significance of experiments. For example, whether or not a specific gene is upregulated in breast cancer in a group of patients versus a non-affected or control group. Computational Biology focuses on finding solutions to biological problems […]

The Beginners Guide to Data Science

Data Science bridges multiple fields including statistics, scientific methods and data analysis to understand data. Essentially it uncovers hidden patterns from raw data using mathematical tools, algorithms and strong interpersonal skills (problem-solving, critical thinking, lots of patience). Every life examples where this field is used include conducting market research to increase customer loyalty, personalising music […]

The Basics of Machine Learning

Machine Learning refers to the application of artificial intelligence where a computer learns from past experiences (often input data) and makes future predictions. As such, machines are able to learn without being explicitly programmed to do so. Machine Learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence and relies on mathematical principles such as Bayesian statistics, which […]

Fundamentals of Computer Science; Understanding the Jargon

Computer Science is the study of computers, computational systems and algorithmic processes (the processes that make them function). It relies on Mathematics and Engineering principles such as statistics and electronic circuit design.  You have likely heard all these words before but as not everyone goes on to study Computer Science at University here’s a short […]