CBEHx Impact

The aim of the CBEHx platform is to make science visual by developing learning resources. 

Recognised by Good Business Charter

CBEHx is accredited by Good Business Charter for responsible business behaviour such as real living wage, ensuring employee well-being, fairer business hours and contracts, employee representation, commitment to customers, payment of full tax, ethical sourcing, prompt payment, diversity and inclusion, and shouldering environmental responsibility.

Accredited by CPD

All CBEHx programs go through CPD accreditation for more information, please visit: https://cpduk.co.uk
“CPD is the holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers”.

Source: CPDuk

Collaborating with In2scienceUK

In2scienceUK is a charitable organisation which supports young people from low-income backgrounds to achieve their potential and progress to apprenticeships, degrees, and careers in the STEM sector. The work conducted by In2scienceUK addresses the annual shortfall of 40,000 STEM-skilled workers in the UK today. The charity was founded in 2010 by Dr Rebecca McKelvey, previously Head of Science at an East London school, who was inspired to take action and address the low participation and lack of opportunities for young people from poor backgrounds when pursuing their interest in STEM subjects.

Source: In2scienceUK