A Non-Exhaustive List of Career Ideas in Robotics

Science fiction portrayed the use, overuse and misuse of robots in our daily lives. Their usage has become a reality and as such, opened up human career prospects. Robots are programmable machine which may carry out a series of actions automatically. They are often used to mimic human-like behavior “humanoids” or substitute human actions in dangerous environments (natural disasters, radiation, battlefields). Do you want to be part of the robotics journey but do not know where to start? 

Below are a few ideas:

  1. Robotics Engineer: calling all those with an Engineering (Computer, Mechanical, Biomedical…) degrees who are have a passion for designing from scratch. A key attribute you will need is patience as developing the perfect robot to carry out the desired task in a given environment is a tedious but rewarding task. You will oversee multiple stages including initial drafts, prototyping, reviewing/tweaking, and safety testing. 
  1. Computer Programmers: You are “fluent” in multiple coding languages and enjoy writing up codes? Use your Computer Science or Informatics background and skills to design the robot’s computerized internal system This computer program allows the robot to perform it’s designated function much like the human brain acting as the “command centre”. 
  1. Robotics Technician: Have a passion for repairing worn out or damaged pieces, building new pieces,  a natural flair for problem-solving and the adequate technical skills? Become a robotics technician to assist in the manufacturing, troubleshooting and testing of the robot. 
  1. Sales Engineer: Being able to manufacture a specialized robot for a given task in one thing but it also needs to reach the market to be commercialized. Are you a “people person” who can tailor a product to specific customers? Sales Engineering could be your next job. Bear in mind that as you will be selling highly technologically advanced products, a solid technical understanding, software requirements and general programming skills are likely required. 

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5. Robot Operators: You’re more a “do-er” who enjoys peaks of adrenaline, armed with the adequate technical skills? Opt to operate and supervise the robots yourself by becoming its operator. You ensure that the robot conducts its outlined tasks without fault. If something does not go to plan, for example the flying drone, you need to be proactive and be able to step in either by directly repairing it or contacting the appropriate people. You will work closely with the technicians but may have to work on unusual shifts!